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Pipe Fitting & Stainless Steel Elbow

About Us
Founded in 2009, our company is specialized in development and manufacturing of stainless steel pipe fittings. The company is located in Longwan District, Wenzhou City; its registered capital is 10 million RMB and covers ...
Factory Tour
Our company provides various advanced stainless steel pipe fittings forming equipment, including Production abrasives set with a complete range of specifications; 23 special hydraulic machines and forming machines for ...
Quality Control
Our company possesses the complete set of test equipment and methods to inspect stainless seel pipe fittings: desk type direct-reading spectrometer, portable quantitative direct-reading spectrometer (imported from the ...
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Address : No.1555, Tianzhong Road, Yongzhong Street, Longwan District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
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+86-577-85989557(Working time)
Fax : 86-577-85989556